Some Small Songs Selling Snow to the Sun

by James Jefferys

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Steel string guitar, classical guitar, electric guitar, mandolin, harmonica, percussion, ukulele, harpsichord, piano, vocals and backing vocals by James Jefferys.
Cello by Ursula Klindt Nielsen
Offerdalspipa, Lute harp, Rennaissance recorders by H.C Molbech
Backing vocals on track 8 by Laura Klindt Nielsen

All songs written, played, recorded, mixed and produced by James Jefferys except for tracks 10 & 17, written by Jefferys/Molbech.

Thank you to Lars Nørremark for loan of the harpsichord and piano.
Thank you for H.C Molbech for loan of the Neumann & AKG mics, percussion and pretty much everything.

This album was produced in wide stereo and recorded in my living room, and would thus benefit from decent speakers.

Front cover photo taken by James Jefferys on a Diana Mini. Text by Laura Klindt Nielsen.

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℗ James Jefferys 2015


released May 7, 2015


all rights reserved



James Jefferys Aarhus, Denmark

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Track Name: Reams of Things
James Jefferys - Reams of Things

When your whole life has been a dream
You've seen
Reams of things
That might not be real

Remember day when consequence
Meant something
And worlds of dreams
Ripped at their seams
Track Name: Good Morning
James Jefferys - Good Morning

Ain’t it good waking up in the sunshine
And not because of a ringing bell?
Ain’t it good being slowly lifted
Out of a dream into which you fell?

Ain’t it good with no interruptions
Rolling over as long as you want?
Ain’t it good
Ain’t it good….?
Track Name: Summer Song
James Jefferys - Summer Song

Come out from inside, love
From where you were hidden
It’s good under your hood
Until you realise what you’re missing

All of your friends
Make the same decision
And fear when they’re not here
What it could be that they’re missing

A longer, better day
Far more time to play
Our shadows laying long
With time enough to sing our Summer Song.
Track Name: Before Sunflower
Track Name: Sunflower
James Jefferys - Sunflower

Lovely and lively
Laboured breathing

Yet to exist
As a souvenir

Lost on concrete
A meadow's foe

The woody stem
Of my reluctance

Father of some
Flower of sun
Track Name: Rainbow
James Jefferys - Rainbow

A red river runs
Right through a rainbow
Cuts course in the sky
Winding and weaving,
Coming and going without ever leaving

A blue child skips
Right though a rainbow
Both feet through the clouds
Tripping and soaring
Coming and going, without ever boring

A yellow light flashes
Right through a rainbow
Followed by thunder
Echoing, booming
Coming and going, without ever looming

A orange sound flutters
Right through a rainbow
Trickles through silence

Coming and going, without ever leaving
Track Name: Fox & Snail
James Jefferys - Fox & Snail

We followed the slugs
We followed the snails
Down country paths
And long forest trails
I'm glad it took so long
Yes, I'm glad it took so long

Foxes miss the hints
With stealthy, healthy sprints
Deer don't find the clues
As they smoothly cruise
I'm glad it took so long
Yes, I'm glad it took so long

Everything goes by so fast

I'm glad it took so long
Track Name: Away With the Fairies
James Jefferys - Away With the Fairies

I spent the day with Arthur
A day so calm and airy
A day at the foot of his garden
A day away with the fairies

So I don’t care what the others say
For me, it has no bearing.
On anything I saw today
Whilst I was with the fairies.
Track Name: I, If I
James Jefferys - I, If I

What, if this is nothing
Could it ever be?
I, if I be lifted up
Will draw all men unto me

This, if what love is
Only what it is to me
I, if I be lifted up
Will draw all men unto me

Love, if I'm enough
And faithful, if not free
I, if I be lifted up
Will draw all men unto me

I, if I...
Track Name: Wood Won
James Jefferys - Wood Won

Everything stopped working
Everyone went home
Every bird began to sing
And wood won

People left the world
From the same place they had come
Let nature again unfurl
And wood won

The clouds shyly parted
And out shone the sun
We're back to where we started
And wood won
Track Name: Autumn Song
James Jefferys - Autumn Song

It appears to be
That it’s all coming down
Water’s storing itself in the clouds
And it’s crunchy on the ground.
Bark climbs up my shins
My roots try harder than ever.

The ‘all’ I speak of
Forms a carpet at my trunk
And when the compost’s sunk
The sun can spark upon my spiral sons.
Track Name: Ask Them
James Jefferys - Ask Them

Ask them where they come from
Ask them where they’ve been
Ask them who they travelled with
And what they’ve smelled and seen

Ask them what the questions were
Ask them ‘bout the birds
Ask of time and space and reason
And what they felt and heard

Ask them when it all began
Ask them where they’ll go
Ask them how the whole thing turns
But never what they know
Track Name: Midday
James Jefferys - Midday

It's the middle of the day
And hopefully
I'm closer to birth than death
And birds above
As these things happen only once

It's closer to breakfast than bed
Closer to fly than a web
Inside the white spider, instead
And closer to birth than death

To be closer to birth than death
With unsaid heads left to bless
A fight against time and what's best
And without much a care for the rest

It's midday,
And I'm closer to birth than death
Track Name: Peppermint
James Jefferys - Peppermint

That bite in the air
Can't do what it's told
It's not set to regret
Or lament that it's cold
Because it just is -
It's Peppermint

The jags on the rocks
Not as soft as the harp
So cuts and knocks
Still slice quite as sharp
Because it just is -
It's peppermint

Clicks its heels
And's the last to confess
Exactly how fresh
All of this feels

The fruits on the trees
Raise up their arms,
Say 'believe in us, please!
We meant you no harm.'
Because it just is -
It's Peppermint

But along comes a man
With white flag aloft
Says 'let's do what we can'
'To forget the lot,

We forgive what we can't
And take what we ought
And never had chance
To be at fault'

Clicks its heels
And's the last to confess
Exactly how fresh
All of this feels
Track Name: Winter Song
James Jefferys - Winter Song

Plastic flowers on the window sill
They’ve been ill
For some time, now.

Count their pennies to work out the cost
They’ve laughed at frost
For some time, now.

The cups are china clean
The kettle rumbles steam,
And I go outside

Snow lands in my tea and I
Smile at the sky
The stillness of an icy calm
Feel your eyelashes dancing on my palm.
Track Name: I, If I'm Sorry
James Jefferys - I, If I'm Sorry

I'm damned, unrounded malice
This is all my mess
I'm clammy-handed ballast
To all your hopes, at best
I'm ram-mounted balance
At a lonely sheep's behest
And lamb as bounty callous
And you can see my breath

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I couldn't feel more sorry

I, if I...

I'm sorry, I'm sorry
I couldn't feel more sorry
Track Name: Friends Again
Track Name: Just For Us
James Jefferys - Just For Us

It's a little too hard
To put a face to this place
The mouth talks to me
In whispers of clean
Old memories
The ears of this land
Can't understand
In tongues flowery or plain
What it is that I'm saying

Not long ago
Such a thing wasn't so
We spoke in terms
Just for us to discern
And the prettiest show
Was just for us to know
Track Name: Disappear
James Jefferys - Disappear

Heads down
The sun is going away
Heads down
There's no reason to look
Heads down
93 million miles away
Heads down
Has bowed, like you
Heads down
Bowed like you, to the moon
Heads down
Bowed like you, to the moon
Heads down
Nothing's special, no, not here
Heads down
It disappears... you disappear.
Track Name: Into Black
Track Name: Spring Song
James Jefferys - Spring Song

Spring is sprung
With blossoms free
Their scents are sent
And received by me

And waiting, too
My patient ear
Not much to hear
Throughout the year

It's been quiet...

Yes, it's been quiet
Track Name: Kind Dark
James Jefferys - Kind Dark

You can be strong
And you can be brave
But it would be wrong
To be afraid

Hush, little child
With the baby bird
And do not try
To say a word

Hold its wings
In your tiny arms
In what kind dark brings
Till morning comes
Track Name: Croix De Feu
James Jefferys - Croix De Feu

Wandering pupa, take me on
Cos punishment is also bliss.
A struggle to accept when it comes
From one like this, a chrysalis

And I am you, a constant second
From just being born
Croix De Feu, newly wetted
Doesn’t yet light up a lawn

Pupa crawls and clings and clutches
And still does what it can’t.
Everything now isn’t much, it’s
All the world, it’s just this branch.

And I am you, trembling child
And at best benign
Croix De Feu, sparkles mild
Our time of time sees time

Brazen and bulging, the pupa pristine
Allows the breeze to shake it
Savouring the sultry soup of the scene,
Allows the breeze to take it…

A broken body left behind
And far beyond a violence
Rises over all of Kind
Hark at the stillness of silence

And I am you, eternal comfort
To touch those who cry
Croix De Feu, burning sumptuous
Flying high, butterfly
Track Name: Dog & Hen
James Jefferys - Dog & Hen

The lazy dog looked at the hen -
“I'll never race with you again!”

The clever hen looked at the dog -
“Next time you mightn't be so smug!”
Track Name: Daffodil
James Jefferys - Daffodil

Darling daffodil,
Don't you have a bed to fill?
Folded under, waiting loyal
Your bulb pushed deep into the soil.

A thin film of needless pain
Waits to be doused by the April rain.
Track Name: Tuck Me In
James Jefferys - Tuck Me In

Find me.
Look through the whole forest
If necessary

I'll be there
It may not look so, but
I am, I swear

In a shadow
Head in my hands, pretending
That I'm sad, and

So awake
Kiss me, lift me, and
For my own sake

Tuck me in.
No, I'll never know how much
I'm a lucky thing

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